Friday, November 5, 2010

Another NARS haul

Hey guys, I'm a big NARS fan. I stopped by a few counters and bought a few items since there was a 15% off sale!

NARS Blushes: Desire, Gina, Lovejoy,
NARS Nailpolish: Mash
Dior Lipgloss: Ultra Gloss Flash #662
NARS Brush: #27 Yachiyo

This is the best blush brush I own. It makes applying blush so easy and flawless! It's made of super goat hair. This brush picks up the perfect amount of pigment and buffs it into my skin flawlessly. I thought I could get by with my other brushes, and they aren't shabby either (another NARS brush, MAC 138 and a Chanel blush brush) but this brush takes the cake. It makes my most bright blush (NARS Taj Mahal or NARS Exhibit A) look natural and beautiful. I highly recommend this brush if you love NARS blushes, I really think that they look even more beautiful when applied with the Yachiyo brush.

I bought a backup of the Lip Glow because of the sale, I can't be without this lip balm. It tints your lips a custom pink shade. Its grate for the winter when my lips get chapped and red because it's moisturizing. It smells great too.

This is the most beautiful lip gloss. Dior makes my favorite lip glosses because they have great pigment, a smooth non-sticky texture and they are really moisturizing. This color is a pretty warm pink color with sparkles.

I bought a NARS nail polish in the shade Mash. It's part of their limited edition vintage polish collection.

It's a unique olive shade with gold sparkles.

NARS Skincare! I love NARS skincare, I really can see the difference on my face. I bought the Balancing Cleanser which has a beautiful sweet orange sent. This face wash gets off all my makeup including eye makeup (as long as it's not waterproof). I've had no breakouts and all my existing breakouts have cleared up since using the NARS skincare system. I use this cleanser at night along with the Balancing Moisturizer.

After I tone with the NARS moisturizing toner I use the Balancing Moisture Lotion. It absorbs into the skin quickly. It is very light and liquidy so you only need a small amount to cover a large area of your face. My face has become less oily and my acne has gone away. I will update if anything changes. I love this skincare system! I would definitely try the Balancing system if you have oily acne prone skin.

Close up of NARS Desire. Desire is a pretty matte Barbie pink color. This is one of NARS' few matte blushes, and they are equally as beautiful as their shimmer counterparts. It's very very pigmented, I suggest using the NARS Yachiyo brush to apply it because it makes the application sheer and natural.

Close up of NARS Gina. Gina is a pretty light peach. It's also really pigmented so the Yachiyo is perfect for it! It is my favorite peach/orange blush, I like Gina more than Taj Mahal because it is more subtle and more peach. Taj Mahal is a very strong orange color (though it does look very nice when applied with my new Yachiyo), if you find Taj Mahal is too strong I would suggest Gina.

Close up of NARS Lovejoy. This blush looks boring and brown but it's a perfect bronze rose with fine gold shimmer. It looks exactly like a natural flush. I am loving bronze tones right now because they are natural looking and easy to wear.

Swatch of Gina, Lovejoy, Desire.


I will be showing you guys my other purchases from the sale and the gift with purchases soon!


Anonymous said...

oh! you bought so much stuff! :) I love the blushes, the colors are so beautiful. You're right Lovejoy is quite a pretty color!

Anonymous said...

Those colors are so pretty! I want to get them all!!! I love that nail polish colour, I want to get it but can't find it anywhere! It's always sold out!