Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My favorite highlighter (at the moment)

I'm loving MAC's Cream Color Base in the shade Fawntastic. It's a beautiful creamy beige color with very small amounts of shimmer. What I love most about this highlighter is that it's not frost or sparkly, it's a true creamy sheen. I think it looks very natural and it's very easy to use, just pop it on with your fingers. I don't like it on my eyes because it creases, but it would be so pretty if it lasted! I use this to freshen up my face if I look particularly tired that morning.

Here is it it swatched, disregard the eyeliner on top haha (I'll post about the eyeliner later).


Wendy said...

I love fawntastic, I'm so pale so I use it as a bronzer! It looks pretty as a highlighter as well!

TTLOVE218 said...

I would love to see how hyou use this, I'm always afraid of highlighters because I have oily skin.

What's The Rage said...

I use my fingers and pat it on my cheekbones, I'll give a pic soon! I have oily skin too so I only use it on my cheekbones.