Monday, November 29, 2010

MAC Purchases

I went to MAC and bought some stuff :) The products aren't that interesting but I went there to buy basics that I would wear every day and my basics are pretty boring haha. Nonetheless, basics are needed. For every day I like a polished dark eye, really full plush eyelashes, my natural lip color (maybe lipliner), bronzer and blush. I don't like lipstick, thick winged eyeliner or eyeshadow for everyday. For me, I like my makeup to subtly enhance my features.

I bought a MAC Blot Powder in the shade Dark, a Paint Pot in the shade Constructivist and a brow pencil in the shade Lingering.

I have pretty oily skin, though lately it has been drier because of the weather, so blotting powder has always been a must. I usually would carry oil absorbing sheets, but they are so wasteful, so I wanted to find a product that I could keep for a while and then recycle (Back to MAC program). So... I bought the Blot Powder Compact. I really like it a lot, the compact is sturdy and the powder is finely milled. I will say if I put a lot on, it will look powdery on my skin. I like to use a powder brush instead of the puff it comes with (I use my collapsible Revlon Face Brush).

Lingering is my favorite brow pencil color, I have naturally thick brows but I like them to be a little fuller looking in the center near my nose. The MA tried to convince me it was too light a color, but as soon as I put it on I knew it was right. First of all, I don't like overly dark brows, unless you have very dark browns naturally (which the MA happened to have...). Filling in your brows with an pencil the same color as your hair if your hair is dark, makes your brows look unnatural or your face angry (in my opinion), especially towards the center of your eyebrow. This is the perfect cool tone lightish brown that I use to lightly fill in the center part of my brows and through the rest of my brows to give a polished fuller look.

This Paint Pot is my most interesting buy. Constructivist is a beautiful brown with shimmers in it. I love this color! It is now part of my everyday look. It gives a beautiful dark brown shine on my lids that makes my eyes look more exotic and pretty! It lasts all day and it's easy to apply with my fingers. I really like this color because it doesn't look like an eyeshadow. I don't like eyeshadow for every day so this is perfect.

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