Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bathroom Counter, Why I love NARS

So I kind of love NARS, this is not even half of my NARS collection. hahaha. I am not affiliated with NARS in anyway, but they are by far my favorite makeup brand. But why do I love them? I love NARS because their colors look great on my skin, the formulas blend flawlessly and they have a unique pigmented color selection. NARS has a foundation, blush, lipstick and lip gloss to suit every girls skin tone. I love NARS because all of their products effortlessly bring out my features.

I think my other favorite brands are Dior, MAC and Bare Escentuals. I love Dior's lipglosses, because they are so smooth and pigmented, they actually moisturize my lips. There is no formula better I think. I love MAC for their eye shadows because their colors are so beautiful and unique. Bare Escentuals is great because they are the only foundation that doesn't break my skin out! They also have a wide range of colors to suit everyone's skin tone.

What are your favorite brands?


Jessica said...

I really like MAC!

What's The Rage said...

MAC is great too! I just went there and I am falling back in love!