Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Everyday Makeup

These are the products that I have been using everyday:

1. Nars Brightening Moisturizer
2. Nars Laguna Bronzer
3. Nars Deep Throat Blush
4. Nars Mountain Powder
5. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Tahoe
6. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in shade 2
7. Nars Orgasm Illuminator
8. Urban Decay 27/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion (black)
9. Dior Ultra Gloss (shade 256)
10. Rimmel Wow Mascara
11. Makeup Forever black eyeshadow
12. Nars Coconut Grove eyeshadow (I forgot to put it in the picture)

1. Mix a few drops of Sheer Glow with Brightening Moisturizer and apply with fingers
2. Contour with bronzer using a MAC 138 brush
3. Apply blush (Deep Throat is a lovely pink hue) with Nars Yachiyo brush
4. Apply Illuminator to tops of cheekbones and under brow bone
5. Line top lashline with liquid liner (no wing)
6. Smudge Coconut Grove on lower lashline
7. Push Brightening Powder under the eyes using a flat brush (I use the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder brush)
8. Apply lashings of mascara to top lashes only
9. Pat black shadow on top of liquid liner
10. Apply lip gloss
11. Dust face with Powder

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Purchases

I recently purchased a Clarisonic, Urban Decay's Rollergirl eyeshadow palette, Rimmel's Extra WOW Lash mascara, Urban Decay's 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion (black) and Urban Decay's lipstain in Envious. I also bought a Nars lipgloss in Sandpiper, I'll do a post on it in a little bit!

The Urban Decay palette is gorgeous it has 4 shades, 3 neutrals ( Verve, Suspect and Darkorse) and 1 hot pink shade (Woodstock). It also comes with a 24/7 liner in whiskey. I love they eye shadows, they are so easy to blend and all of the colors work perfectly together. I have only worn the hot pink once, when I was an 80's girl for Halloween. I'm not too fond of the liner, it doesn't last very long on me and the color is too much of a red-brown.

I really like the lipstain, it is a beautiful pink color. It is a bit drying so I use a lip gloss or lip balm on top to keep my lips moist.

Swatches: Darkhorse, Suspect, Verve, Woodstock and the lipstain below.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi Guys! I'm back :) Sorry I have been MIA for a while. I've just gone off to school and I've been super busy. I will start blogging soon!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

White Nails for Summer

Nothing screams summer more than white nails. I am currently wearing Ecume by Nars. Ecume is a beautiful creamy opaque white. Its limited edition so pick one up quickly!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Purchases from Clinique

I bought two things from Clinique which allowed me to receive their gift with purchases. I purchased the Acne Solutions Clarifying Moisturizer and the Chubby Stick in the shade Super Strawberry. The Acne Solutions Clarifying Moisturizer is my holy grail skin care primer/lotion. I put this on under my makeup every single day to prevent breakouts, it seems to create a barrier between my skin and my makeup, keeping me pimple free.

The gift with purchase included: eyeshadow duo, mascara, sunblock, lipstick, eye makeup remover, All About Eyes eye roller, Dramatically Different Moisturizing face lotion. My favorite products from the GWP are the Dramatically Different Moisturizing face lotion, makeup remover, and the All About Eyes eye roller. I never really cared too much for Clinque Sunblocks because they are oily and leave a blue cast on my skin.

The Chubby Sticks are great! It is almost like a lipstain mixed with a moisturizing lip balm put in a marker form. This shade looks like my natural lip color just a lot more vibrant.

Here is the eyeshadow duo that was gifted with purchase, I'm not really in love with the colors to be honest. It is a matte mid-toned brown and a light champagne shimmer color. But I don't' really like champagne shimmer colors to begin with so I am probably just bias.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Music Blog

Hey guys,

My sister and I just started a music blog. It features download links along with Youtube vids of the songs. We just wanted to share our music tastes with you guys!

Click HERE to visit.


New Mac Purchases

I went to Mac the other day to find the perfect brown eyeliner, I think i succeeded. Coffee by MAC is a perfect dark cool toned brown. I like to set it with Coconut Grove eyeshadow by Nars. I also picked up a Mac Cleanse Off oil. I rub it into my skin before I was my face with soap, this step must be done with dry hands and a dry face. Then I rinse off my face and the oil becomes a white liquid that melts off all of my makeup! After that I continue with washing my face normally. I love how it removes makeup quickly and easily without wasting Q-tips or cotton puffs.

Swatch of Mac Coffee eyeliner, Nars Coconut Grove eyeshadow and Nars Dolce Vita blush.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nars Purchases!

I bought some cool stuff from Nars the other day. I initially really wanted a smudge brush to make my signature smokey brown liner easier to do, but of course I bought other products as well.

The NARS Hydrating Moisture Cream is by far the most amazing face cream ever. It is perfect for day and night. I use it during the day and it gives my skin the healthiest glow, I also use it at night because it is so moisturizing. It's a little expensive but I think skincare is even more important than makeup. If you don't have good skin makeup can only do so much! Also the cream doesn't break me out.

Dolce Vita blush is my new favorite at the moment. It makes the perfect naturally rose color blush on my cheeks.

Coconut Grove has also become one of my staples. I use this to smoke out my brown liner, to line my upper lash line and to fill in my brows. It's the perfect cool tone super dark brown color.

I bought the Nars Smudge Brush (number 15) and I am obsessed with it, I use it everyday to smoke out my liner, and to fill in my brows.

Having multi tasking products (one brush for liner and brows, one color for liner and brows, one cream for day and night) has helped me get ready in less than 15 mins in the morning. I highly suggest you guys try to find products and brushes that can be used on more than one area of your face! It makes things so much quicker!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Right now I am totally into Clarins. I never really thought of this brand before because it looks a bit bland...no offense. Clarins is located right next to my local Nars counter (my all time favorite makeup brand), I decided to give it a try since I have heard their skincare was really good and made with all natural ingridents. I bought the Contour Eye Gel, deodorant and Instant Light Lip Protector. The lady was so sweet and gave me a ton of free gifts with my purchases, love Clarins! I can honestly say I love all of the products I bought and I will be probably be repurchasing all of them.

Contour Eye Gel: This is a lightweight eye cream that sooths and refreshes my eye area. It comes out like a blue gel and it provides moderate moisture. It wears great under makeup and it actually feels like it supports my eye area... it's very strange but I like it! I wouldn't suggest this product for women with very dry skin, but since my skin is super oily this works great for me. You only need the tiniest amount so this will last me a very long time.

Clarins Deodorant: I have been on the search for a deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum and is soothing to my underarm skin. I tried another brand but I had to return it to Sephora because it didn't work and it stung my armpits. This deodorant actually keeps me odor free, doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't stain my clothing and moisturizes my armpits. I will be buying this deodorant from now on unless it stops working for me ( I have heard that can happen with deodorants).

Instant Light Lip Protector: I'm obsessed with this product (along with all of the other Clarins products)! It soothes and moisturizes my lips while making them appear plump. It has a milky pink color that enhances my natural lip color. This over my Dior Lipglow is my all time favorite lip combination. I love "lip treatments" over lipsticks because they keep my lips moist all day long.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Hair Products

I was getting a bit bored with my hair routine so I decided to try some different products. I've seen the good reviews for these products on Youtube. Here are my personal thoughts:

Biosilk Silk Therapy: I apply this before I blowdry my hair. I only use the smallest amount, less than a dime size for my whole head of hair. I have a ton of hair so this product will last a very long time for me and everyone who has thin to normal hair! It definitely softens the ends of my hair which can get dry if they are not conditioned well. I don't have many split ends but I definitely see that it protects and softens my ends. Warning if you use to much your hair will be greasy and stringy so make sure to only use a few drops.

Redken Wax Blast: This is by far the best product I bought. This stuff is AMAZING. It will give you movie star volume with just 5 spritzes. I use it after I have styled my hair to give va va voom volume. I spray it in and scrunch up my hair and fluff it out. I really like this product and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: I've never tried a dry shampoo before, my mother always told me it was for old ladies. I really like dry shampoo now though! This shampoo smells like lemon sherbert, its good enough to eat! I apply this to the roots of my hair about 2 days after I wash it. I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days so this helps it stay more fresh looking until the 3rd or 4th day.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

New purchases for summer and school!

I am going away to school this fall so I have been searching for tools that will help me blow dry my hair as quick as possible. I bought the Sedu 4000i Blow dryer and the Sedu Revolution flat iron (reviews on both to come). I also bought a few beauty purchases as well!

I bought a Badger lip balm, Supergoop sunblock spf 30, Essie nail polish in Steel-ing the Scene, Lavanila deodorant and a Laura Mercier Caviar eyeliner in Chestnut.


reviews on these products soon!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


New Video!

Hi I just recorded a video of my new purchases! I think it's still processing... enjoy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MAC Quad!

I just bought two new eyeshadows from MAC. I bought Amber Lights and Charcoal Brown. Charcoal brown is my new favorite brow color. It is a cool toned medium dark brown. It is perfect for girls with dark brown hair because it is dark enough to fill in your brows, but still light enough so it doesn't look like you drew in your brows. Amber Lights is my new favorite lid color, it is the perfect coppery shimmery gold. It almost has a metallic finish.

I bought a MAC quad too! I cant' wait to fill it with two more shadows. I really like neutrals so I will probably fill it wiht a brow highligher (Rice Paper) and a warm toned brown for a crease color.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

New things!

I've found my camera so I'll take pictures of everything soon! Here is the list of the new things!

1. FACE Blush from their new spring collection

2. FACE Lipgloss from their new spring collection

3. NARS pressed powder in Mountain

4. NARS limited edition lipgloss in Angelika

5. NARS limited spring collection nailpolish in Desperado

6. NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Tahoe (the yellow undertones are perfect match for my skin!)

7. Neutrogena tinted lipbalm in berry color

8. MAC Fix +

9. MAC Prep and Prime Face Visage spf 50

10. Neutrogena SPF 55 liquid sunblock

I am going to do a post of my new everyday foundation/face look! Stay tuned!


Nars Spring Polish

Here is the new limited edition Nars Polish, Desperado. It's a really pretty antiqued gold color, perfect for summer!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hi guys! I will be back soon I have just been soo busy! :(


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hi guys!! My sister and I have a Twitter! Sadly it is just me in the picture we have to get together to take one with both of us in it. Anyways!

Please follow and I will follow you back! :)

follow @millsbills89

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mac Mineralized Skinifinish Natural

Hi guys! I was at the mall the other day and I wanted to find a powder that would replace my Chanel Double Perfect. Double Perfection is expensive! So I wanted o find a cheaper option. I went into MAC and I came across their Mineralized Skinfinishes. I bought one in the shade Dark and I am loving it right now! Right now it has replaced my Chanel Powder. Pros and Cons:


It doesn't break me out
It gives a light coverage


The color match isn't spot on, I wish there was a shade in between this one and the shade before it, then it would be perfect! But I like this because I will still be able to use it when I get darker in the summer.

Ps. I've lost my camera and so now I have to use my webcam on my computer. But everyone pretty much knows what MSFN (Mineralized Skinfinish Natural) looks like.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Depth Review: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation The Perfect Foundation for Women of Color

Nars sheer glow foundation is my favorite liquid foundation. Here are the reasons why:

Nars Sheer Glow has a slightly watery texture but it is still sort of thick (if that makes sense). It is definitely not a full coverage foundation, its more of a medium coverage. I personally think the coverage is too heavy for me. I like to sheer it out with a face serum or cream, my favorite is Nars Balancing Moisturizer. This makes the texture very very runny and watery so it is like a very light tinted moisturizer but more pigment and it doesn't break me out. I would only suggest doing this if you have moderately decent skin or you just want a light coverage. I don't like wearing thick foundation, I find Nars Sheer Glow is too thick for me.

When it isn't sheered out it the foundation dries pretty fast so you have to work it quickly into the skin.When mixed with a moisturizer doesn't dry as fast. I like to apply it with my fingers because it keeps the foundation warm so it melts into my skin.

When it is sheered out with the Nars Balancing Moisturizer the foundation is extremely watery and amazing! It creates a very very light tinted moisturizer that looks like my skin but more even toned.

What I love about Nars is their color selection. Nars has a ton of colors in cool and warm undertones. The foundation also blends to match your color if it is a little off. My color, Cadiz is is a medium brown (Cadiz- Medium to Dark number 3) color with peach undertones. I like that it has a mix of yellow and red undertones because my skin is sort of a mix. Every foundation I find is always too dark or too light, I like how Sheer Glow adjusts to my skin color.

This foundation photographs EXTREMELY well. Literally. You look like you have flawless movie star skin with this foundation on. When I wear this foundation to events or going out, I never have a bad picture. This is probably because it has "glow" particles that look great when photographed.

My skin doesn't break out to this foundation when it is mixed with another moisturizer When I use it by itself and it does have a tendency to clog my pores.

It comes in a glass packaging with a matte black top. You can buy a pump which is very very good. You get full control over the product with the pump, you can pump out a drop or a huge squirt and everything in between. The pump is really well made, seriously.. it's actually worth it because you don't waste product.

It costs 42 dollars, which is average for a high end foundation. I think it is totally worth the price because of how it photographs and how natural it looks in real life. I am personally in love with this foundation.


I only really love 2 foundations, Sheer Glow and Chanel Double Perfection Powder. I would recommend Sheer glow for girls who want a higher end foundation that photographs extremely well and with a dewy appearance. This foundation is perfect for women of color because of the great color selection. When sheered out, or when applied alone it doesn't look ashy or mask like (look at my pictures below in Boho Makeup Tutorial) it just looks like you have great skin! I don't know of any drugstore dupes for this foundation :( sorry!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Boho makeup tutorial

I wanted to do a really simple brown smokey look. I call it my bohemian eyeshadow look!

enjoy x

1/4 pump of Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (shade: Cadiz) mixed with moisturizer

NARS Luster blush mixed with NARS Amour blush on apples of my cheeks blended upward
NARS Goldmember Cream Blush on cheekbones

NARS Barbarella Lipstick


MAC Constructivist Paint Pot blended on lids with a MAC 217 brush winged out slightly
MAC Groundwork gel eyeliner through top and bottom lashlines
NARS Mekong eyeshadow blended onto top and bottom lashlines
Coat lashes with Voluminous Mascara

Part hair anyway you want, I chose a side part. Put a stretchy headband on top of your head like a crown and pull the top part of your hair over the headband.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

White Eyeliner Look with NARS Goldmember

Right now I am loving white eyeliner. I used to wear only darker colors on my waterline, but I think white is a fresh alternative. Here's what I used for this look:

1. Line upper lashline with MAC Dipdown gel eyeliner (brown gel liner)
2. Line a small amount of lower lashline with Dipdown
3. Set Dipdown with NARS Mekong eyeshadow (dark brown eyeshadow with gold glitters)
4. Layer on tons of L'oreal Voluminous Mascara
5. Apply Lancome kohl liner in Blanc to lower lashline (white eyeliner)

Face prep:
1. Apply NARS' Aqua Gel Hydrator Lotion all over face (new purchase will do a review soon!)
2. Use NARS duo concealor to cover any blemishes
3. Sweep Chanel Double Perfection Powder down t-zone
4. Blend NARS Laguna bronzer all over face concentrating on nose, cheeks and chin (golden colored bronzer)

1. Apply NARS Deep Throat blush to apples of cheeks blending upward (soft pink blush)
2. Blend NARS Goldmember cream blush on high points of face (on top of cheekbones, brow bone and down nose bridge)

1. Line lips with NARS Fantasia lipliner (very pale peach color)
2. Apply MAC Pink Lemonade lipgloss (bright coral lipgloss)

I think this look is so simple and pretty, it's nice for everyday and with eyeshadow or fake lashes it could be glammed up for going out. This look definitely concentrates on enhancing natural features, which I love!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NARS purchases and bronzing it up!

I've been really into the bronzy look right now, these are my celebrity inspirations. Sienna Miller always looks beachy and gorgous, Sanaa Lathan has naturally bronzed perfect skin and JLo always has pretty golden/bronze makeup. I think bronzes and peaches look best on my skin rather than silvers and cool toned pinks and reds. I thought I would check out a bronzer that would add a glow to my face for that sunkissed St. Tropez look!

I already own Casino by NARS, but I find that its too dark and red for an all over glow but it's great for contouring. So I purchased the bronzer Laguna by NARS. Laguna is a cooler toned brown, compared to Casino. I would say that Laguna has a yellow undertone and Casino has a red undertone. I use Laguna all over my face concentrating on my cheeks, browbone and the tip of my nose to even out my skin tone and give myself a natural glow.

I also bought Golden Member, a cream blush by NARS. It is a sheer yellow gold cream blush with shimmer that I use on top of my cheekbones. It really enhances my complexion and makes my skin glow. I love that it has very fine shimmers in it so it makes your skin look radiant (chunky glitters tend to have a disco ball look).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glowing cheeks

I really love highlighted and glowing cheeks, I think it gives a healthy glow to everyone's face. In this picture I am using Luster blush by NARS. Luster gives the perfect about of golden glow to my skin! It's a golden apricot colored blush that has sheer gold shimmers. I also use this to add subtle shimmer to my matte blushes.


ps. I've started taking more out and about pictures from my cell phone since I've been so busy!


Hey guys I just came back from the city and I got my glasses! I am so happy, I think I look very smart with them on hahaha. I got them from Village Eyecare in New York City. The girls who work there are super helpful and nice. They make getting glasses a friendly fun and cool experience!

150 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Luster Blush, Dolce Vita Lipgloss and Amour Blush

Right now I am loving Dolce Vita Lip gloss by NARS and their blush in Luster. Dolce Vita is a pretty rose color that brightens up my face instantly.

I Think Luster makes the perfect golden glow, I added a bit of my new blush Amour by NARS to the apples of my cheeks. Amour is a warm pink color, I really like it mixed with luster because it adds a pop of color to the apple of my cheeks while luster adds a blended glow.

I used my favorite highligher Nico by NARS to add an angelic glow!