Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Natural Body Care For Cheap

I really believe in natural body care, I don't buy any of my body care from a drugstore. I know my makeup has chemicals and probably not very good ingredients, so I like to keep the products that I use every single day (body lotion, body wash and deodorant) as natural as possible. I also remove my makeup with olive oil, because I have sensitive eyes. Here are the poducts I am currently using:

My skin is extremely sensitive, drugstore lotions make me itch (especially after I shave). This always lead me to buy extremely expensive body butters, but when I was in Whole Foods I saw this! It's a huge container of lotion made out of all natural ingredients and 10 percent of the profits go to charity in Africa. I love this lotion, it is smooth, liquidy and glides over my skin. I have it in the lavender scent. It keeps my skin so soft and comfortable. This huge 32 oz bottle was only $10, see... being natural can be cheap!

I love this shower gel because it doesn't have the lathering chemicals that dry out my skin (remember more suds= drier skin). This is a very gentle cleanser that leaves me feeling fresh and clean. It also doesn't break me out, which is amazing, a lot of soaps will cause me to get breakouts/rashes on my arms. This bottle was like $4 at Whole Foods.

I've stopped using conventional antiperspirant/ deodorants for a while now. I sweat with regular anti antiperspirant/ deodorant on so I figured I might as well switch to a product that doesn't have chemicals since the chemicals aren't working anyway. This is a crystal deodorant, you have to wet it to apply it to your underarms. It keeps odor at bay all day, and even the next day (I apply it at night after my shower and I don't re-apply it in the morning because it works basically till your next shower). It's about 6 bucks and it lasts for years (I've probably had mine for about 3 years and it hasn't gone down at all.. it will probably last for 10).

This whole routine costs about $20. A drugstore routine would run about $22 if you used all Dove products. This routine is natural, cheaper, the products are bigger and will last longer.



Ferrah said...

wow thanks for the comparison between natural products and drugstore products. i am slowly trying to move over to natural products as well! do you buy all of yours from whole foods?

What's The Rage said...

Yeah I do! When I am going to buy groceries I just hop into the bath and body isle. Other great places are Trader Joes and Bath and Body Works. I just find Whole Foods to be cheaper and easier.