Monday, November 30, 2009

Fuchsia Lipstick

Do you want lips that will make everyone stop and stare? Then you have to try a bright fuchsia shade. Fuchsia is a great color that can be worn in the winter and in the summer. A cool toned fuchsia lipstick can be just the thing to brighten up a girl's face in the morning after a long night or even for a long night on the town. We suggest MAC’s Girl About Town lipstick. It is has an amazing strong pigment with a perfect cool toned pink/purpley shade. It lasts a long time even when you apply gloss on top of it. In fact applying gloss on top every few hours just refreshes the color. This lipstick is amazing it looks good on almost everyone's skin tone because of it's cool undertones. It also makes your teeth look whiter! Basically we're in love with this lipstick and we suggest you buy it today.

To wear: Y
ou definitely do need a lip liner because the shade is very bright. You can apply it lightly or blot some of it off for a subtler day look. We suggest pairing this bold shade with a neatly lined eye (black or brown) and hardly any or subtle eye shadow. Keep the blush to a minimum too just use blush to define your cheekbones. Use a highlighter to accentuate the high points of your face (nose bridge, tops of cheek bones, chin and forehead). Then line your lips with a nude lip liner and apply Girl About Town to your lips. Finish off with a clear gloss to make the color pop and mascara for huge lashes. We guarantee you will have show stopping lips every time without looking like a clown.

Sad News :(

Rest in peace Stacy! You will be missed always! :(

Holiday Red Lips!

To celebrate the on coming holidays we decided to find the perfect red holiday lips. We suggest this great warm toned lipstick called Red Diamond by Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth Arden makes great lipsticks. They all have high pigments, smooth application and good staying power. They also apply really thick so they really give good coverage especially with a gloss. This lipstick has a slight golden shimmer in it along with an almost corally red pigment. You could wear it every day with subtle blush and eye makeup if you love lipstick. It is absolutely beautiful! Red Diamond is a great shade for all you red lip lovers out there or if you just want to wear red lips for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Perfect Boot Cut Jeans


With skinny jeans being all the rage this season, we have forgotten about our beloved boot cut! Boot cut jeans are really important because they are timeless and look good with everything. You can buy a pair of boot cut jeans and wear them with sneakers or heels. It's really hard to find a pair of jeans that don't lose their shape, that flatter your butt and are comfortable but still stylish. AG's Angel boot cut jeans are the perfect pair of jeans. These jeans are so comfortable that you can wear them to class or running around with sneakers because they feel almost like sweatpants. They also come in stylish fades and shades along with a great silhouette so you can wear them when you're going out. These jeans make your butt look perky because the pockets are placed higher up and father apart. They also make your legs look longer because of the slight bell. We wear ours with with heels and with sneakers. These are great to wear when you want to look different from the crowd (every girl wears skinny jeans all the time). If you're going to buy one pair of jeans I would suggest the AG Angel jeans because they are a staple and should be in every girl’s wardrobe.

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

I think I just found my new favorite every day lip gloss. Though I still love Lancome's Fever gloss, Juicy Tubes and Chanel's Aqualumiere lip gloss. This gloss, I must say, is so cheap and moisturizing that it has replaced them as my new everyday lip gloss. The formula is a bit more sticky than my high end lip glosses but it's not overwhelming and massages nicely into my lips. The formula contains mineral oil and Petrolatum. Mineral oil provides moisture for your lips while petrolatum (petroleum) keeps the moisture locked in. This makes your lips pretty soft and keeps them from chapping. Unlike some of the Juicy Tubes the colors are pretty sheer but they are still noticeable. Your lips look very shiny and succulent once this is applied. I got it in a golden brown color and it gives my lips a hint of gold shimmer with a good amount of shine and it smells like chocolate! The tip is slanted for easy application (unlike the L'oreal Color Juice lip glosses) the tip is very similar to Lancome's Juicy Tubes. For only 7 bucks I think this is a good buy if you are looking for a lip gloss that can be layered over high pigmented lipstick or worn alone everyday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drugstore Damsel..Rimmel Stay Matte Powder


When I purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, which is a pressed powder that is supposed to keep your face matte for up to 5 hours, I did not expect anything. I was really surprised to see that the pressed powder controlled my shiny t zone, was gentle on my skin and didn't give a gray ghostly appearance when you apply it with a big powder brush (it can be a bit heavy if you use a puff). The powder comes in an array of shades but they are all pretty translucent, which is good. I think it is a pretty good powder it's almost as good as my Nars powder and it costs so much less. The packaging does stink though. It's in a really cheap plastic container that never actually closes. It also doesn't come with a brush or puff. It doesn't exactly last for a full 5 hours, but it does come pretty close. But it is so cheap and works wonderfully I can't really complain. I would really suggest this powder for oily, combination skin types or if you want to set your liquid foundation. I am going to keep a look out for a powder that is absolutely perfect, but I will give this 4 out of 5 stars.

DERMAdoctor Tease Zone


I bought a bottle of DERMAdoctor Tease Zone gel and but it just got thrown in the back of one of my bathroom cabinets. But, today I used it for the first time in months and I am glad I did! It is supposed to control oil and shine all day, you can use it under your makeup or on top. I put it on this morning. It has a silky smooth texture that absorbs into the skin really easily. It is really gentle on your skin. You can actually see your skin becoming matte as you apply it. After it has dried you can follow up with liquid foundation or powder.

During the day my face was very matte, it didn't look or feel oily and I didnt' have to blot my face. By the end of the day around 8 hours later my face was a little oily but definately not as much if I didn't blot my face along with not using the Tease Zone gel. Make sure to apply a very little amount of the gel or you will get white streaks! A little goes a long way. For the small ammount you use and how long it lasts it's really not that expensive ($35 for 50ml). I would suggest this product if you have oily skin that makes you constantly apply pressed powder very often each day.

Patene Pro-V for me?

Patene Beautiful Lengths is a fairly new line of shampoos and conditioners. Patene suggests that "Beautiful Lengths helps you grow your hair longer with Aquacurrent Science, protecting each strand of hair—directing the movement of moisture and providing strength against damage. Our Aquacurrent Pro-V formula makes your hair 10x stronger against damage".

I recently decided to use a drugstore shampoo and conditioner instead of salon brand. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks and I find that it is good for certain hair types. If your hair is very thick, long, dry and or curly like mine then it is a good product to use. If not, it might weigh down your hair and make it look greasy. I think the protective barrier is what ends up weighing down certain hair types. This is fine if your hair is thick but can be a problem if you have short, thin or straight hair. I don't know how this product would work on chemically treated or died hair. Obviously this product will not make your hair grow but will protect your hair so it doesn't break off as it grows at it's own natural pace.

All in all, my hair feels soft and moisturized it looks shiny almost as much as my salon brand staples. For the drugstore price I think this is a very good deal, you also get a lot in each bottle. The conditioner is really thick so it really coats each hair strand. It also smells really good! I think it's a pretty luxurious conditioner for a drugstore brand. I put it on after I shampoo and leave it in for a bit as I shower then rinse it out. My hair comes out soft and detangled after too. I suggest giving it a try if you have thick, long and dry hair!

-Drugstore Damsel

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drugstore Damsel..

Regular old drugstore Witch Hazel is one of our new favorite cheap products. For about 2 bucks you get a huge bottle that can be used as a toner. Witch Hazel calms the skin while disinfecting it. It clears up acne after repeated use, evens skin tone and keeps skin oil free. We suggest using it before bed after you have cleansed your face you can also use it after a sweaty workout at the gym to clean pores before they get clogged. It removes excess makeup and residue that your face wash might have missed. Just dab a cotton ball of it on your face and follow with moisturizer and/or acne medication.

Stay tuned for more beauty regimen updates!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crossbody Bags

Cross body bags are great for everyday wear because they stay out of your way and can hold all of your essentials while still looking cute! These bags are particularly great for a fast paced person that is always on the go.

Here, There, Everywhere bag, $178 (

The Marc Jacobs Studded Stardust Crossbody Bag, $550 (

Guerlain Bronzing Powder Review

Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Bronzing Powder (

Guerlain has always been one of my favorite beauty and perfume brands. All of their makeup products look like a work of art and work wonderfully. I went to Sephora and purchased the Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Bronzing Powder. Guerlain powders are finely milled and provide a great even and soft coverage.

The Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Bronzing Powder can work as a bronzer or a powder foundation to create a bronzed matte look. The powder is so light it melts seamlessly into my skin to provide an airbrushed coverage. The powder is packaged in a black round case and the powder sits below a screen. It comes with a mini kabuki brush that applies the powder really well. Using a kabuki brush allows the bronzer to be applied like any other mineral makeup. With mineral makeup you want dip the brush into the powder and rub it on your face in a circular motion. This breaks down the molecules in the powder to blend into your skin flawlessly.

Try this powder in it's three shades of tan (Light Medium and Dark) and expect many more Guerlain posts to come!

-Makeup Reviewer

Friday, November 13, 2009

Everyday Look- Makeup Basics

Putting on makeup everyday can be tedious and time consuming but sometimes necessary. So, we put together this list of products that are quick and easy to apply. We suggest keeping everyday makeup neutral but still enhancing your skin tone and features. This doesn't mean you can't have some fun though! Take one aspect of your face to play up each day using the new hottest trends (dark purple lips, fully lined eyes..etc). Here are some products that we own and use everyday.

For foundation we suggest a powder foundation for a nice matte look. Powder foundation is great because it keeps facial oils at bay and adds a light coverage. The Chanel Double Perfection Natural Matte Powder Foundation is our personal favorite product. It comes in an array of shades and you can go a shade down to create a tanned look. This foundation is highly pigmented so it doesn't' give a gray dusty layer. It's velvety and can be applied with an included sponge for heavy coverage or your own brush.

Double Perfection Powder Foundation (

For blush we suggest a tanned pink look. Lancome has a great matte and natural color blush line. Lancome's Blush Subtil in Rose Romantique is a great option for natural looking blush. This product has a velvet consistency with amazing pigments. The color lasts for a long time so touch ups are hardly necessary. This blush comes neatly packaged in mirrored black compact with a small brush included. The brush is great for when you have to apply it on the go or for travel. We suggest a large blush brush if you are at home though. (Color not shown below)

Lancome Blush Subtil (

For eyes we suggest loose powder kohl eyeliner. The application process does take some getting used to but once you've learned how to do it you'll find your morning routine will go a lot faster. Powder kohl eyeliner is traditionally used in the middle east and India to create perfectly lined eyes. Guerlain makes an amazing kohl eyeliner called Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner. This liner is a soft, fine and highly pigmented colored powder that is applied to the eyes using a sweeping method (click HERE to see a video explanation). The application doesn't hurt at all and it takes like 2 seconds! It comes in black, brown and blue. If you have pale skin we suggest the brown but if you have olive skin or darker the black is beautiful. This product is sold at Sephora or at department stores. For a drugstore option try L'oreal Hip Kohl Eyeliner in black or brown.

Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner (www.
L'Oreal HiP high intensity pigments Kohl Eyeliner (www.

Lip gloss is a staple in a girls makeup bag. Many companies make lip gloss that has moisturizing properties so it's good for your lips and doesn't dry them out. We suggest Lancome Juicy Tubes for a natural shine with subtle color. They moisturize your lips and dress them up at the same time. Try in the Fruity Pop shade for a light pink and champagne colored shine. Or try L'Oreal Colour Juice Lipgloss in Berry Burst for a simular shade for a drugstore price! (Colors not shown below).

Lancome Juicy Tube (

L'Oreal Colour Juice Lipgloss (www. L'

Mascara is another essential for everyday makeup. We suggest the Exceptionnel De Chanel Noir Obscur mascara. This mascara is applied using a double twisting method (instructions are included). It really lengthens lashes and thickens them without any clumping. It also has a great shiny black color that doesn't fade all day long. The best thing about this mascara is that you don't need it to be waterproof because it doesn't flake or smear even in hot heat. Because it's not waterproof it is easy to remove. A drugstore option is the Colossal Volum' Express Mascara by Maybelline. It doesn't clump if it is layered on when still wet and provides length and thickness.

Exceptionnel De Chanel Noir Obscur mascara (

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara (www.

There you go! With these products you will be beautifully enhanced each morning!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Take Care of Your Brushes!

Here's a tip to clean your makeup brushes and keep them soft and supple. Washing your brushes is very important to keep your makeup pigments clean and true. Color builds up on the brushes over time, this means, as you use the brush you are getting a muddled pigment. Also bacteria and oils can spread from your brushes on to your face and cause acne. So, use baby shampoo! It is gentle and cleanses the brushes very well but still keeps the hair soft. When you wash them be sure not to get water or soap past the binding or the glue will start to deteriorate and your brushes will fall apart. Just buy the trial size at your local drugstore because you only need a pea sized amount for each brush!

Drugstore Damsel..

CVS has been my best friend lately. I found a amazing nude lipstick that flatters almost everyone's skintone. L'oreal's Color Riche Lipstick's new celebrity line has a shade called Beige, it's a beautiful warm sheer nude that can be worn during the day and at night with a smokey eye. This lipstick shade is so easy to apply you don't even need a mirror. It really is a great shade for every skin tone, warm or cool. It doesn't even feel or look like a lipstick because the creamy texture moisturizes and provides a great shine like a lip balm. I own tons of high end lipsticks but this is my go to lipstick for every day wear! And it's less than 10 bucks!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Boy Fabric with a Girl Touch

Quite a few celebs have been donning dresses made out of men suiting fabrics a lot this season. The dresses can be made out of tweed and other traditional suit fabrics. We suggest a dress that has a modern neckline to keep an ultra feminine sleek silhouette.

Grey Twist Dress $148 (

Kimchi Blue Lulu Tweed Dress $68 (

Pair dresses like these with patterned tights for a ultra hip but sophisticated look.