Sunday, March 7, 2010

What I wore today and other email requests

So I have gotten some requests asking what I wear, since What's The Rage also does fashion posts along with makeup and beauty products. I guess they want to see if my sister and I practice what we preach hahaha. So here is what I wore today while I was out shopping. I picked up some really cool things too! (I'll post about them later)

Another request I had was what was in my makeup bag hahaha sooo here it is, it's not very impressive.

So we have: An antique compact mirror thing from my grandmother, Purrel wipes, Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater Soap Leaves, NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss, MAC Angel Lipstick, MAC Stripdown Lipiner, MAC Lip Brush, Crazylibellule And The Poppies stick perfume in Shanghaijava: Ananas Imperial, Revlon Travel Brush, PUR Mineral Powder (this stuff is great a review will be posted soon!), Chanel Chance body wash tester, pill case with Advil in it things not shown: random perfume sample from Sephora and random Italian cough drop.

I love my Revlon Travel Brush, I use it to lightly apply the PUR Mineral Powder. Look how cool it is!

It pushes out to a full size brush!

And this is my favorite lipstick combination that is in my makeup bag right now. Kim Kardashian's makeup artist uses it on her and I think it looks great on everyone! MAC Stripdown lipiner, MAC Angel Lipstick and NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss. It makes a perfect baby pink nude lip, I wear it all the time.

There you go! Keep the requests coming!


Trish said...

love your outfit, where did you get that blazer? i've been looking for a nice blazer for a while now.

What's The Rage said...

Thanks Trish! I got it from JCrew, it's the Schoolboy Blazer. I love JCrew (I almost always feature something from them in the fashion looks) haha.

Grace said...

I love your outfit! You look tre chic! I wish I had an eye for style like you! I'll keep checking out your site!

Veronica said...

i luv that lipstick/gloss combo, so sexyyyy

Morgan said...

god you are so cute

What's The Rage said...

Thanks guys! Hi morgannn!!!