Friday, March 12, 2010

Beaute Lipgloss Review

Beaute Cosmetics is a luxury brand that is very exclusive, I've never seen them in a store. They make the most amazing lip gloss ever- Luminous Volume Lip Glosses. They are extremely pigmented, very moisturizing, not sticky and they last on my lips for a long time (even through eating and drinking!). It comes with a brush applicator (which I like because doe foot applicators always change colors because they scrape off you lip stick).  I have the color Medusa which is perfect for a pink nude lip.

Here's what it looks like on my lips:

And here is it with my whole look:

I love this lip gloss to tone down bright lipsticks or do do a really quick nude lip, all you need is one swipe! This lipgloss is seriously the best lipgloss I own, it's so silky, applies to the lips easily and fills in any chapping or dry skin on my lips. Which is great because for I have to put lip balm on before  a lot of lip glosses, especially if they are a lighter color.

Another thing I love about this lip gloss is you get a lot in the tube, you can buy it at for $26. I really suggest splurging on one of these!

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Trish said...

ah! so hot. love that color