Friday, March 5, 2010

One Shadow Smokey Eye

Never have time in the morning to do a cool smokey eye look? In a rush to go out at night and want something glamorous but quick? Then the one shadow smokey eye look is perfect for you! My friend asked me today how to do a simple smokey eye look haha, so here is my answer. I went to MAC and picked up some pretty products and I also used some products I was sent to review to create this look. I then went to my mirror and perfected this look to be quick and easy.

I bought: Stripdown Lipliner, Club Eyeshadow, Angel Lipstick

All you need are 2 things for the eyes, a black eyeliner (I use a black MAC, any black eyeliner that's really dark will do) and Club Eyeshadow from MAC. Club Eyeshadow is amazing for this look because it has many colors that run through a single eyeshadow. It looks brown, green, silver, black on different parts of the eye depending on how you blend.  So this means you can get a highlighter, a dark crease shade and lid shade all in one!

 So for the eyes I used:

 Club Eyeshadow!

and my Mac Brushes (217, 239)


1. Pack Club Eyeshadow on lid with 239 brush
2. Buff into crease and outer corner with 217 brush
3. Line eye fully with MAC Engraved eyeliner (waterline too if you want) 
4. Apply L'Oreal Voluminous and Cargo TexasLash Mascara
And... That's it, quick and easy!

To create baby pink nude lips I used:

Mac Angel Lipstick

Beaute Lipgloss in Medusa (A review will be posted of this soon! It's amazing!)

 MAC Lipliner in Stripdown
1. Line lips with Stripdown Lipliner
2. Apply a few coats of Angel Lipstick
3. Apply Medusa Lipgloss

So for my face I used just a baby pink blush from American Beauty ( A review will be posted of this soon).

American Beauty Mineral Blush in Rose Quartz
1. Buff blush into cheeks with Guerlain Mini Kabuki brush

There you go! Hope you guys like it!


Grace said...

wooow this looks so pretty! and it's so simple! i never thought much of my Club eyeshadow because i didn't know to buff it on the outer parts of the eye! and i didn't know that angel looked good on tan skins! you've inspired me! hehe

What's The Rage said...

Thanks so much! Angel is like my favorite lipstick! You should try it on to see what you think, I bet it will look great.

Blair said...

ugh your skin is so beautiful it makes me sad argh. what do you use to make your skin look soooooo clear and pretty! ps. your whole face is pretty ahhaha

Bianca said...

Ummm I am going to have to stop hanging out over here LOL. Every day this week, I came over, you have a gorgeous new look on, and I end up with a new "want to buy". LOL

Very pretty! :0)

What's The Rage said...

@Bianca, hahahha please don't stop visiting! But if you're talking about how much you like Club eyeshadow think of it as like 3 eyeshadows for the price of I'm glad you like the look thanks so much!

@Blair, Thanks so much, that means a lot :)! I'll do a post for you so you can see what I use to exfoliate/wash/tone/moisturize my face with. For when I get pimples I use a cream from my dermatologist called Clindamycin, ask your dermatologist about that!