Thursday, March 4, 2010

Makeup Look

So I thought Cassie had a really cool makeup look, it's a little bit urban (lip liner showing through lip gloss hahaha) and still sleek I think it's perfect for going out. So I tried to do something similar.


(haha I can't look straight ahead when I am taking pictures of myself) 


So for the lips I used a really light foundation by American Beauty to mute out my naturally pigmented lips (I got sent this foundation but it's too light, the texture is so silky and moisturizing that it's perfect to put on my lips as a primer). Then I applied Cocoa Rose Lip Liner by Elizabeth Arden and NARS Turkish Delight Lip gloss using a MAC Lip brush (I think it's 318 or 316... the numbers have rubbed off).

Here are the brushes: MAC Lip brush, Hourglass Kabuki Brush, Mac 182 Brush, Guerlain Mini Kabuki Brush, Sephora Slanted Eyelining Brush, MAC 239 Brush and Mac 217 Brush. 

So for the eyes I used: 

American Beauty Honey and Spice, Makeup Forever Black Matte Eyeshadow, MAC Sating Toupe, Guerlain Kohl Eye Liner Black, Chanel Black Liquid Eyeliner

American Beauty Honey and Spice

 MAC Satin Toupe
Eye makeup is complicated so I'll do it in steps:
1. Dust Gold Eyeshadow From Honey and Spice all over eyes using 217 brush keeping below the crease
2. Dust Satin Toupe all over eyes using 217(very lightly)
3. Apply Satin Toupe to the outer corner to the outer corner of eyes using 239 brush and into crease
4. Apply Chanel Black Liquid Eyeliner to lashline wing it out a bit
5. Use Sephora Eyelining brush to soften line with Black Makeup Forever Eyeshadow 
6. Apply Guerlain Kohl Liner eastern method to line waterline
7. Apply L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara and Cargo's TexasLash to make lashes huge! 

So for the face I used:

NARS Super Orgasm Blush, Chanel Bronzer in Terre Ambre, Face Highlighter in Dignity,  Face Creme Blush in Rio

I have a lot of kabuki brushes for different blushes, highlighters bronzers etc but you don't need to use all kabuki brushes, I just do. 

So here are the steps:
1. Buff Rio on cheeks up cheekbones using Guerlain Kabuki Brush
2. Buff Highlighter on tops of cheekbones, down nose etc... using fingertips
3. Tap Super Orgasm on the apples of cheeks using MAC 187 brush
4. Brush Chanel Bronzer all over face using Hourglass Kabuki brush

Hope you guys like it! It's super easy actually and it looks really pretty I think!


Bianca said...

Very nice look... And your lashes are off the chain! So long and pretty!

I like how that cream blush looks - I have not worn a cream blush before, but I have started looking at them lately, they seem to make a nice glow instead of just color.

Trish said...

what in the world! you are stunning! you need to post pics of makeup looks more often! I love it!

What's The Rage said...

@ Bianca, cream blushes are like my new favorite, check out the post I did on Face Stockholm cream blushes and highlighters, I used one from that post (Rio) they buff in so nicely with a kabuki brush, and they look so natural, and you can add a little pop of color with a powder blush on the apple of your cheek.

@Trish, Thanks so much Trish! I'm not a makeup artist but I will try to post more looks! I'm glad you like it!

What's The Rage said...

Oh! and thanks Bianca! try NeuLash it really works, it strengthened my lashes so much!

Grace said...

hahah you're so cute! love the look can you use something else other than the guerlain kohl? it's a tad priceyy eek!