Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I just wanted to do a quick NeuLash update. I have been using it every night since the beginning of February and I am having great results! My lashes are so much stronger, longer and thicker. As I stated before I thankfully already have pretty long thick lashes. I really do see a difference in my lashes there are a lot of little lashes starting to grow in and the older lashes are looking longer (especially with mascara). I think this product is GREAT for girls who want to add extra nutrition to their lashes to help them become stronger and grow longer.

NeuLash comes in a tube with a small brush applicator which you use to apply the serum to your lashline. You get a lot of product in the bottle and I only have to dip 1 time to do both of my eyes so I think it will last quite a while. I have sensitive eyes and I wear contacts but I have not experienced any irritation with NeuLash. 

I'll take pictures and post them soon! Buy NeuLash at

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