Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi guys! I started my NeuLash today!!! NeuLash is a eyelash growing product. Eyelash growing conditioners have been all the rage this past year, every brand has come out with some sort of lash conditioner or primer. I researched a ton of products and found that NeuLash is the best out there, so many people said it actually works. It costs $150 but you get around a three month supply which breaks down to about $1.67 a day (that's forgoing a snack from the vending machine a day or less than a cup of coffee).

I already have pretty long thick lashes but I noticed because of constantly wearing mascara my eyelashes have been dry and I think they have been falling out more frequently! NeuLash is great because it conditions, protects, promotes flexibility and nourishes the lashes along with helping them grow longer and thicker. Hopefully NeuLash will bring my lashes an even greater length and thickness. Results take up to 30 days so I will keep you all updated! Go to to purchase it or to your local Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Edyta Sliwinska and Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing With The Stars use NueLash and they both have gorgeous lashes.

Edyta Sliwinska

Anna Trebunskaya


Tracy said...

oooh i really want to try that hmmmmm. i can't wait to see if it works for you i will def have to buy it

Anonymous said...

ughh you're so lucky your lashes are already thick and long! i am going to have to get this my lashes are so whimpy :(

Francesca said...

I can't wait to hear if this works! I'm always hesitant to buy these lash growing serums since they cost so much, but if this works I'm definitely going to go buy it!

Michelle said...

I just bought NeuLash and I have a problem with my brows they are rather scanty, I have been using it for a couple of of days and my brows have started to look darker. I am so happy now I don't have to fill them in with a pencil or eye shadow powder. I am looking forward to the summer because I don't have to worry about reapplying makeup to them after a humid day or after work out at the gym!!!