Thursday, February 18, 2010

Natural Beauty- Korres

Natural ingredients in beauty products have been all the rage lately. Korres Natural Products has a line of lip glosses called Cherry Full Color Lip Gloss that are paraben, mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol and ethanolamine free. These gloses are so moisturizing they have replaced my lip balms! It definitely has something to do with the cherry oil and vitamin E and C in the lip glosses. The pigments also very true and bright ( a lot of organic products do not have the pigment pay off of other regular beauty products, but not Cherry Lip Glosses). I think these glosses are great by themselves or layered on top of lipsticks but as I said they are so pigmented you don't have to. I have the colors 33 Nude, 54 Fuchsia and 53 Red.

Nude (shown above) is like a perfect beigey nude that has flecks of gold in it. It really enhances natural lip color and contour, my lips looked really full and glossy.

Fuchsia (shown above) is like a fun bright lip gloss that is really hot pink with blue undertones, it's really pigmented! So it's like a shiny hot pink lipgloss.

Red (shown above) is like the only red lip gloss I can even wear it's such a beautiful color. It's like a tomatoey, yellow based red that makes your lips look a perfect just bitten shade.

You can buy them at for $17 or your local Sephora. Also, Korres has offered a special promotion to Whats The Rage readers! You can get %25 off and a free mini Cherry Oil Lip Gloss with any $25 order till April 1st, just enter the code THERAGE at checkout.

(Pictures coming soon I just wanted to get the code up for you guys!)


Bianca said...

Just wanted to mention, the code is not working. :-(

I had $56 in my cart, and it added the lip gloss, but did not remove the 25%.

What's The Rage said...

Hey Bianca, it only works till march 1st, did you happen to make that purchase after march 1st?

Bianca said...

Aww, you know what I tried it on the 2nd - I thought it went until April 1st. It still adds the freebie though. :-)

What's The Rage said...

aw! I am so sorry Bianca! I'm glad it still adds the lip gloss at least! :)