Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everyone can be a model, Model In A Bottle at least!

Model In A Bottle is a really adorable brand that makes some great innovative products. The products I have are Model In A Bottle Make Up Setting Spray Matte Finish, Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer, Super Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and their eyelash curler.

Setting Spray- ($18) This spray is great. I wore it on really rainy day while running around and my face was matte by the end. My blush stayed on perfectly as well, which is amazing. You can spray it on your face but I like to spray it on a brush and wipe it over my face because I can't see without my contacts in the morning to aim it hahah.

Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer- ($12) This product sets you eyebrows all day. If you have eyebrows that don't exactly stay put then this is great for you. It's clear and it dries really quick! I like to wipe a bit off and apply it to my eyebrows to keep the arch up.

Super Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
- ($14) My eyes are so sensitive so this eye makeup remover is great. It doesn't sting mye yes it has cucumber extract, aleo leaf juice, mugwort extract and algae extract in it. It is so cooling and refreshing on my eyelids!

Eyelash Curler
- ($9) This eyelash curler is so cute and small! I like that it can't get twisted in your makeup bag. The gel pad on it is so big and soft so it doesn't smash your lashes. It comes with a replacement pad as well.

All of these products are available at!

Thanks Model In A Bottle!


Kate said...

So this is like MAC Fix+?

What's The Rage said...

Well similar but the MAC Fix+ but it gives you a matte finish so it keeps oil at bay without looking too dry.