Monday, February 15, 2010

Loving LUSH-Hair

LUSH has amazing products that are made with natural ingredients so you don't have to worry about weird chemicals being absorbed by your body. On the LUSH website you can look up the ingredient that's in your product and see what it is useful for, which is really cool.

LUSH makes a hair conditioner called Retread and it's absolutely amazing. It actually penetrates my hair to moisturize it from the core instead of sitting on top like many silicone based conditioners. After washing with a moisturizing shampoo I put in Retread in my hair. It doesn't really feel like it's a heavy moisturizer that glops through your hair like many drugstore brands. Retread is creamy and thick but it somehow quickly absorbs into my hair. Then I leave it in for about five minutes, wash it out with warm water and my hair is super soft from the inside out! It's not coated with a slick substance, the actual hair shaft is moisturized. It really is a "meal for your hair" (LUSH website) because your hair actually seems to eat or absorb all of the ingredients. I love the smell too it's like a sweet creamy melon smell. I agree with the website that this conditioner is only for really thick, dry and curly hair (it would definitely make thinner hair oily and limp).

You get a 8.4 Fl oz tub. My hair is thick, long and pretty dry and I needed about two or three small scoops so I don't think I will run out too quickly. You can purchase it at any LUSH store or at for $22.35.

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