Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Depth Review: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation The Perfect Foundation for Women of Color

Nars sheer glow foundation is my favorite liquid foundation. Here are the reasons why:

Nars Sheer Glow has a slightly watery texture but it is still sort of thick (if that makes sense). It is definitely not a full coverage foundation, its more of a medium coverage. I personally think the coverage is too heavy for me. I like to sheer it out with a face serum or cream, my favorite is Nars Balancing Moisturizer. This makes the texture very very runny and watery so it is like a very light tinted moisturizer but more pigment and it doesn't break me out. I would only suggest doing this if you have moderately decent skin or you just want a light coverage. I don't like wearing thick foundation, I find Nars Sheer Glow is too thick for me.

When it isn't sheered out it the foundation dries pretty fast so you have to work it quickly into the skin.When mixed with a moisturizer doesn't dry as fast. I like to apply it with my fingers because it keeps the foundation warm so it melts into my skin.

When it is sheered out with the Nars Balancing Moisturizer the foundation is extremely watery and amazing! It creates a very very light tinted moisturizer that looks like my skin but more even toned.

What I love about Nars is their color selection. Nars has a ton of colors in cool and warm undertones. The foundation also blends to match your color if it is a little off. My color, Cadiz is is a medium brown (Cadiz- Medium to Dark number 3) color with peach undertones. I like that it has a mix of yellow and red undertones because my skin is sort of a mix. Every foundation I find is always too dark or too light, I like how Sheer Glow adjusts to my skin color.

This foundation photographs EXTREMELY well. Literally. You look like you have flawless movie star skin with this foundation on. When I wear this foundation to events or going out, I never have a bad picture. This is probably because it has "glow" particles that look great when photographed.

My skin doesn't break out to this foundation when it is mixed with another moisturizer When I use it by itself and it does have a tendency to clog my pores.

It comes in a glass packaging with a matte black top. You can buy a pump which is very very good. You get full control over the product with the pump, you can pump out a drop or a huge squirt and everything in between. The pump is really well made, seriously.. it's actually worth it because you don't waste product.

It costs 42 dollars, which is average for a high end foundation. I think it is totally worth the price because of how it photographs and how natural it looks in real life. I am personally in love with this foundation.


I only really love 2 foundations, Sheer Glow and Chanel Double Perfection Powder. I would recommend Sheer glow for girls who want a higher end foundation that photographs extremely well and with a dewy appearance. This foundation is perfect for women of color because of the great color selection. When sheered out, or when applied alone it doesn't look ashy or mask like (look at my pictures below in Boho Makeup Tutorial) it just looks like you have great skin! I don't know of any drugstore dupes for this foundation :( sorry!


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