Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Right now I am totally into Clarins. I never really thought of this brand before because it looks a bit offense. Clarins is located right next to my local Nars counter (my all time favorite makeup brand), I decided to give it a try since I have heard their skincare was really good and made with all natural ingridents. I bought the Contour Eye Gel, deodorant and Instant Light Lip Protector. The lady was so sweet and gave me a ton of free gifts with my purchases, love Clarins! I can honestly say I love all of the products I bought and I will be probably be repurchasing all of them.

Contour Eye Gel: This is a lightweight eye cream that sooths and refreshes my eye area. It comes out like a blue gel and it provides moderate moisture. It wears great under makeup and it actually feels like it supports my eye area... it's very strange but I like it! I wouldn't suggest this product for women with very dry skin, but since my skin is super oily this works great for me. You only need the tiniest amount so this will last me a very long time.

Clarins Deodorant: I have been on the search for a deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum and is soothing to my underarm skin. I tried another brand but I had to return it to Sephora because it didn't work and it stung my armpits. This deodorant actually keeps me odor free, doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't stain my clothing and moisturizes my armpits. I will be buying this deodorant from now on unless it stops working for me ( I have heard that can happen with deodorants).

Instant Light Lip Protector: I'm obsessed with this product (along with all of the other Clarins products)! It soothes and moisturizes my lips while making them appear plump. It has a milky pink color that enhances my natural lip color. This over my Dior Lipglow is my all time favorite lip combination. I love "lip treatments" over lipsticks because they keep my lips moist all day long.

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