Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nars Purchases!

I bought some cool stuff from Nars the other day. I initially really wanted a smudge brush to make my signature smokey brown liner easier to do, but of course I bought other products as well.

The NARS Hydrating Moisture Cream is by far the most amazing face cream ever. It is perfect for day and night. I use it during the day and it gives my skin the healthiest glow, I also use it at night because it is so moisturizing. It's a little expensive but I think skincare is even more important than makeup. If you don't have good skin makeup can only do so much! Also the cream doesn't break me out.

Dolce Vita blush is my new favorite at the moment. It makes the perfect naturally rose color blush on my cheeks.

Coconut Grove has also become one of my staples. I use this to smoke out my brown liner, to line my upper lash line and to fill in my brows. It's the perfect cool tone super dark brown color.

I bought the Nars Smudge Brush (number 15) and I am obsessed with it, I use it everyday to smoke out my liner, and to fill in my brows.

Having multi tasking products (one brush for liner and brows, one color for liner and brows, one cream for day and night) has helped me get ready in less than 15 mins in the morning. I highly suggest you guys try to find products and brushes that can be used on more than one area of your face! It makes things so much quicker!


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