Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Purchases from Clinique

I bought two things from Clinique which allowed me to receive their gift with purchases. I purchased the Acne Solutions Clarifying Moisturizer and the Chubby Stick in the shade Super Strawberry. The Acne Solutions Clarifying Moisturizer is my holy grail skin care primer/lotion. I put this on under my makeup every single day to prevent breakouts, it seems to create a barrier between my skin and my makeup, keeping me pimple free.

The gift with purchase included: eyeshadow duo, mascara, sunblock, lipstick, eye makeup remover, All About Eyes eye roller, Dramatically Different Moisturizing face lotion. My favorite products from the GWP are the Dramatically Different Moisturizing face lotion, makeup remover, and the All About Eyes eye roller. I never really cared too much for Clinque Sunblocks because they are oily and leave a blue cast on my skin.

The Chubby Sticks are great! It is almost like a lipstain mixed with a moisturizing lip balm put in a marker form. This shade looks like my natural lip color just a lot more vibrant.

Here is the eyeshadow duo that was gifted with purchase, I'm not really in love with the colors to be honest. It is a matte mid-toned brown and a light champagne shimmer color. But I don't' really like champagne shimmer colors to begin with so I am probably just bias.



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