Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New foundation routine!!

Because of my skincare routine, my skin has been looking really good. I don't believe in putting a full layer of foundation if my skin is looking good... so I no longer need Bare Minerals. I see a lot of girls who wear really heavy and cakey foundation... I hate that look. Anyways I am always a firm believer in less is more, so I've changed my routine to reflect that. I am currently using:

Clinique Lotion:

This is a lovely moisturizing lotion that doesn't break me out.

NARS Primer:

This makes my skin look flawless, I can't explain it... it just makes my skin glow. It also helps keep my t-zone matte and my powder on my face all day. I apply a small bead to my t-zone area with my fingers.

Chanel Double Perfection Powder:

I use the shade Honey 120. I lightly dust this all over my face using my NARS powder brush. This powder evens out my skin with one quick swipe. It looks like I have naturally airbrushed skin!

Note: This is an extremely light coverage foundation option. Chanel may claim their powder is medium coverage but I assure you it is very light. The only thing this powder will do is even out skin tone and cover fading acne scares.

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