Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Fav: The Brush Guard

The Brush Guard
is my new favorite thing. It is important to take good care of brushes so that you don't have to buy replacements. I like to find products that help the brushes keep their shape. I have been noticing that my MAC 217 brush was splaying from wear and tear (it was getting puffy and not really putting the color where I wanted it because the bristles were so puffed out). That is when I found these gems.

The Brush Guard sent me a pack of their product for me to review. I love them. My 217 looks like I just bought it. The bristles are now packed to their original condition. The Brush Guard is a plastic mesh tube that tightly wraps over your brushes and condenses the bristles back together. I wash my brushes using my MAC brush wash then I put one of these on as it dries and the bristles are good as new. I also use it to travel with my brushes and to store them so the bristles are protected.

This is my honest opinion, The Brush Guards are now available in five package choices: assorted or packages of all one size and they are all $5.50 including tax and domestic shipping. CLICK HERE to view their site.

...These will be the best $5.50 you've ever spent, they saved my $20+ brushes.


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JFCost said...

From what I can see, this brush guard is a pretty slick addition to the bathroom counter! Looks like it would really do the job keeping the brushes clean and firm. Thanks for the info on them.