Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DERMAdoctor Tease Zone


I bought a bottle of DERMAdoctor Tease Zone gel and but it just got thrown in the back of one of my bathroom cabinets. But, today I used it for the first time in months and I am glad I did! It is supposed to control oil and shine all day, you can use it under your makeup or on top. I put it on this morning. It has a silky smooth texture that absorbs into the skin really easily. It is really gentle on your skin. You can actually see your skin becoming matte as you apply it. After it has dried you can follow up with liquid foundation or powder.

During the day my face was very matte, it didn't look or feel oily and I didnt' have to blot my face. By the end of the day around 8 hours later my face was a little oily but definately not as much if I didn't blot my face along with not using the Tease Zone gel. Make sure to apply a very little amount of the gel or you will get white streaks! A little goes a long way. For the small ammount you use and how long it lasts it's really not that expensive ($35 for 50ml). I would suggest this product if you have oily skin that makes you constantly apply pressed powder very often each day.

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