Saturday, April 3, 2010

Juice Beauty- Summer Makeup Routine

Summer is coming! This means fresh, bright and vibrant skin. Instead of scrubs to exfoliate I have been using a chemical based formula. These are gentler on your skin if you have sensitive skin or acne. I have been testing Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel and their Hydrating Mist. The Juice Beauty products are organic and natural, which is a plus!

So I have been using the regular strength peel and I love it! I don't have sensitive skin, so the normal strength is perfect for me. I put it on after using a mild cleanser and leave it on for 15 minutes. After my skin looks refreshed and very vibrant. This peel reminds me of a lighter version of the chemical peel my dermatologist gives me. The peel comes out as a clear gel that I evenly spread over my face. It tingles for the first then it stops. After this I wash it off with cold water.

After the peel I spray on the Hydrating Mist. This stuff is great! It's so light yet moisturizing and it sinks into my skin very quickly. It is the most calming and cooling spray ever. It's great because after my skin is a bit sensitive from the peel the mist calms it without re-clogging pores.

So those are my skin care products to get my skin vibrant and beautiful for summer. I do the peel every month, as it suggests. I use the hydrating mist whenever I feel like it because I love how it cools and moisturizes my skin.  Buy Juice Beauty products at

Here's a closer look at the Hydrating Mist liquid.

Also, don't forget sunblock! Right now I am using Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock spf 70. Don't forget your neck and your hands when you apply sunblock. I like this sunblock right now because it doesn't leave a gray film on my face and it sinks in very quickly. It's also cheap!

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