Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cream Blush

Cream blush is a staple in a woman's purse. Most cream blushes double as a lipstick and sometimes even a eyeshadow as well. Cream blushes are great because they blend into the skin to create a flawless, dewy and glowing finish. Everyone seems to overlook cream blushes but they are definitely needed in your makeup bag. We suggest a few brands that we own that are really worth the price because you get so much in each tube.

Shiseido Accentuating Color Stick, $33

This color stick has a great pigment so it shows up on your skin with the lightest touch. The color Rouge Flush is a glowing golden red that lasts all day. The color has very slight golden shimmer to it which really highlights your cheekbones and gives you a natural flush look. The color selection also includes highlighters as well. Cream highlighters are great because they blend seamlessly into your skin.

NARS The Multiple $37

NARS has a great cream blush as well. They provide a sheer matte finish so your cheeks look effortlessly flush. These blushes also double as a lip color. The creamy finish is easy to blend. The color selection is amazing: there are highlighters along with dark reds and barbie pinks. Our personal favorites are Malibu and Maui. Malibu is a dusty pink that looks great on your cheeks and lips, it's amazing!! You're cheeks look tan and flushed at the same time. It also creates a almost dusty pink nude look on your lips that looks great with a golden, clear or pink based gloss layered on top. Maui is more of a dusty red color that really makes your cheeks and lips pop. The color is very highly pigmented and it brightens your face without making you look like a clown. Literally you can apply Maui with a bit of tinted moisturizer and you are ready to leave your house.

To apply simply dab or rub onto the apple of your cheek and blend upward using your fingers, use the leftover on your fingers to color your lips and to drag lightly down your nose bridge. Cream blushes are great if you are on the go and have to look put together in a few minutes (students we're talking to you).

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