Thursday, May 6, 2010


NARS is one of my favorite makeup companies. They have amazing products! I really like that their products are also skin care products as well (their foundation has vitamins and minerals to help your skin, instead of just spackling over your problem areas). So since my local Lord and Taylor was having 15 percent of all cosmetics, I had to go and buy some things!

The makeup artist that were brought in were amazing and matched my skin perfectly, and they recommended some great products that I love already! The counter makeup artist, Marybeth, is always so helpful as well she's great with suggesting interesting colors (like Taj Mahal) that are really pretty on my skin tone.

I bought some stuff for myself and my mom bought some great stuff for us to share.

 Sheer Glow Foundation and Casino Bronzer
Sheer Glow Foundation is a light weight foundation I sheer it out even more with the primer and the NARS lotion. Casino is a brown bronzer with gold shimmer that is great for warming up my face. 

Gold Rush Powder (gold shimmer)
This is a great gold shimmer powder that can be used to highlight my brow bone and cheek bone. Thanks Marybeth for this gift!

Striptease (beige) and Frisky Summer Lip Gloss (hot pink)
Striptease looks amazing with Barbella, and Frisky Summer is a perfect summer hot corally pink. 

Barbarella Lipstick (pinky peach)
This is the perfect peach lipstick, it's super creamy and moisturizing.

Fantasia Lip Liner (light peach)
I needed a peach liner to match the lipstick and Striptease gloss.

Palm Beach Bronzer Multiple (bronzy brown)
I LOVE this multiple, I have 3 and this is definitely my favorite.  It is the perfect bronze color that is great to use as a blush. It instantly gives you that beachy bronze glow.

Albatross Highlighter Powder (sheer light gold)
This is a pretty highlighter powder because the glitter is sheer so it gives a natural glow. 

El Delrado Cream Eyeshadow (creamy gold)
Pretty sheer gold eyeshadow, it's great with brown (for day) and black shadows (for night).

Torrid Blush 
It's really a pretty coral  pink with gold shimmer but it doesn't show up in this lighting. It's my favorite blush. I actually bought this at Sephora about a week ago when they had the 15 percent off. (A good dupe for this blush is Mai Thai by Milani but it doesn't have the gold shimmer through it)

Primer (they ran out so Marybeth gave me a tester till it is back in stock)
I use this to sheer out my the Sheer Glow and with my tinted moisturizer because I only need a sheer wash of color to even my skin tone.

Brightening Serum 
I also use this to mix with my foundation and my tinted moisturizer to sheer them since I don't need heavy coverage. It's a pearlized pink color that really makes your skin glow! You literally have a celebrity glow when you put this on. Also it is supposed to even skin tone over time and it's loaded with good plant extracts, vitamins and minerals for your skin.  (I might review this more in depth later).

Schiap (hot pink) and Versailles (glittery gold)  nail polishes 
 These colors are so pretty and summery!

I'm so excited to play around more with the products and give more in depth reviews.


Anonymous said...

omg i'm loving all these purchases! please do reviews!

MaryBeth said...


Thanks so much for the mention. I sent a link to your blog to my AE and Jason, the lead trainer at NARS and they were very impressed with the pictures and comments about our products.


What's The Rage said...

Thanks so much MaryBeth! I'm so glad you like the blog!