Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best Lip gloss Ever. Actually.

Lipfusion Color Shine is the most amazing lip gloss ever. Lipfusion uses collagen to make your lips look and feel really juicy and plump. They have a great collection of colors, that are somewhat sheer but they do have noticeable color. This gloss is great because it doesn't plump your lips using by irritating them (We have not tried any of those yet though) but instead it almost fills in your lips and moisturizes them. This gloss is really long wearing (it even lasts through eating and drinking) and really really moisturizing (you won't need a lip balm anymore) and it's not sticky at all. When it is first applied it feels normal then your lips start to tingle and in a few minutes your lips are plump! This will not make you look like Angelina Jolie if you don't have naturally full lips already, but way plumper than what a normal lip gloss would provide. It seems to almost fill in fine lines. This gloss is great for women who have cracked dry and pealing lips because it seems to hide all imperfections. We recommend it for everyone not only women who feel they need fuller lips. The top of the tube also doubles as a mirror. It's a bit pricey ($38) but it's really nice for a splurge and you get a lot in the container (.29 oz)!

We just wanted to give more of a background on this gloss and how it holds up to everyday wear. This gloss uses marine collagen which is harvested from sea plants. The collagen molecules are really small so your lips can easily absorb them. Once the collagen absorbed by the lips the collagen molecules expand when they come in contact with moisture (we encourage you to drink lots of water to hydrate your body) thus plumping and moisturizing your lips. We recommend applying to clean exfoliated lips at first (absolutely nothing on them) and waiting till the gloss wears off then re-applying it through out the day to keep your lips plump (it works best on clean lips). We also recommend applying it alone instead of on top of a lipstick or something for ultimate plumping ability. The gloss is supposed to have a permanent effect the longer you use it so we will keep you updated!

Oh! and it's on a special sale at Sephora for 10 bucks online!


Patricia said...

Ooo I want to have luscious pillowy lips just like Angelina Jolie! I'm definitely going to be picking these up from the store.

Wendy said...

Ive had Lipfusion Color Shine for a few weeks now and won't leave home with out it on my lips. I love the way it plumps up my lips Now I really have sexy lips.

ps it comes in so many colors